Powerful Software Products
We build high quality software products, all of which are open source meaning you can start using them right now. We have the largest library of products for Discourse, and others for Wordpress, Discord and MATTR.

Discourse Custom Wizard

Discourse Forms Wizard

A business-grade forms solution for Discourse. Get better onboarding, structured posting, data enrichment, automated actions and much more for your Discourse community

Discourse Layouts Plugin

Discourse Design

A flexible framework to create fully featured custom layouts. Make Discourse look how you've always wanted it to.

Discourse Multilingual Plugin

Discourse Multilingual

Create a rich and comprehensible environment for all users and guests, even if they don’t speak the default or majority language of your forum.

Discourse Ratings Plugin

Discourse Ratings

A powerful ratings engine for Discourse, including rating types, counts, averages and granular visibility controls.

Discourse News Plugin

Discourse News

Display topics in a large, news-like format, with an optional sidebar with a topic list. It adds a link to the News route in the header bar.

Discourse Discord Bot

Discord Discourse Bot

A Discourse Plugin and bot that connects your Discord to Discourse.

Discourse Events Plugin

Discourse Events

Manage your events in Discourse, including a community calendar, agenda, RSS and iCalendar feeds.

Discourse Locations Plugin

Discourse Locations

Manage geo-locations in Discourse, including a topic locations, user locations and mapping.

WooCommerce Discourse Plugin

Wordpress WooCommerce Discourse Identity

Sync WooCommerce with your Discourse community to seamlessly integrate your store with your community. We have implemented this software solution with multiple clients to tightly integrate their stores with their communities.

Wordpress Discourse Plugin

Wordpress Discourse Identity

Pavilion is the maintainer of the WP Discourse plugin, under contract with Discourse.org. We field support queries for this plugin on meta.discourse.org, and are working on various improvements for the plugin in conjunction with the Discourse team.

Discourse Verifiable Credentials Plugin

Verifiable Credentials Discourse MATTR Identity

Pavilion built the Discourse Verifiable Credentials plugin as part of NGI eSSIF-LAB, funded by the European Union. You can use it to Integrate verifiable credentials, a next-generation distributed identity solution, with your community.

Discourse Mentionables Plugin


The Mentionables plugin lets you establish a custom mention dataset to better integrate your Discourse with your other websites or services.